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07/20/2021 08:57 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
by David Bowie
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The song title is a reference to the 1975 track "Hero" by German krautrock band Neu! Aside from the German version of Heroes, he also recorded a French version. The song is thought to have helped bring down the Berlin wall.
07/20/2021 08:54 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Dancehall Party
by I Salonisti
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Offenburg, Germany
07/20/2021 08:51 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma

See the 1979 Eurovision performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoIAdKs9lr4
07/20/2021 08:47 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
by Wolfgang Kaltenbach
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German. To acknowledge the flooding in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands that has taken close to 200 lives
07/20/2021 08:43 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
The Jazz Moods
by Albert Mangelsdorff
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Frankfurt. A German jazz trombonist. Working mainly in free jazz, he was an innovator in multiphonics.
07/20/2021 08:41 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Random Summer
by Hauschka
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07/20/2021 08:34 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Unexpected Rain
by Bombay Dub Orchestra
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Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay make up Bombay Dub
07/20/2021 08:27 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
by Rachid Taha
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Algerian born, moved to Lyon, France at age 10. Worked a job in a plant and DJ'd at night, until opening his own club in the 70's. He eventually moved to Paris to launch his musical career.
07/20/2021 08:24 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Joon Joon
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Israeli actress and singer who began performing at age 5. The album title "Zan" means women in Persian.
07/20/2021 08:16 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
by Arooj Aftab
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Pakistani/Brooklyn. This track was featured on Obama's summer songs list 2021 https://pitchfork.com/features/rising/arooj-aftab-vulture-prince-interview/
07/20/2021 08:14 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
The Sky At Night
by DJ Food
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Strictly Kev has been involved with the multi-producer DJ Food project for over 25 years, being the sole remaining member for the 15. -https://djfood.bandcamp.com/track/the-sky-at-night
07/20/2021 08:11 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Two Worlds, One Heart
by Gustavo Santaolalla
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Argentine musician, composer, and record producer. He won Academy Awards for Best Original Score in two consecutive years, first for Brokeback Mountain and then Babel -wiki
07/20/2021 08:06 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Vansé - Voilaaa Remix
by David Walters
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Marseille, France https://davidwaltersplay.bandcamp.com/track/vans-voilaaa-remix
07/20/2021 08:05 PM
DJ: DJ Rhythma
Intergalactic Relations
by Kaidi Tatham
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For those that don't know, Kaidi Tatham is a legendary multi-instrumentalist. Once dubbed "the UK's Herbie Hancock" by Benji B, he's a virtuoso on the keys and a true innovator in sound production as one of the original creators of the Broken Beat sound. Over the years his musical prowess has blessed numerous projects, initially with the likes of Bugz In The Attic and The Herbaliser, and more recently with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Andrew Ashong and with longtime accomplice, Dego. -https://kaiditatham.bandcamp.com/album/an-insight-to-all-minds