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06/06/2021 12:57 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Drivin’ Me Wild
by Common feat. Lily Allen
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This track was produced by Kanye West. https://www.thinkcommon.com/
06/06/2021 12:54 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Sweet Side
by Raquel Rodriguez
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LA native Raquel Rodriguez, is a Mexican-American R&B/soul singer. She is inspired by Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, D'Angelo and Amy Winehouse. https://raquel.la/
06/06/2021 12:50 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
by Erika de Casier
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Erika De Casier released her first album back in 2019, and just a few months ago announced she signed to 4AD. About the self-directed music video, she said: "I wanted to create a sort of evil twin or alter ego of myself because you're not entirely yourself when you're in the violence of your own emotions." Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxX1fVBkOns
06/06/2021 12:44 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Wild Seeds
by Sa-Roc
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From the Deluxe album released in May. https://sa-roc.com/
06/06/2021 12:41 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
by Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye
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Sampling Marvin Gaye's "Turn On Some Music," this track is Sermon's most popular song, peaking at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100, along with inclusion on the soundtrack of the Martin Lawrence/Danny DeVito film "What's the Worst That Could Happen?" The music video for the song features scenes from the film intermixed with clips of Gaye performing in archived music videos and music programs: https://youtu.be/fle-zebSXNc
06/06/2021 12:37 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Talk About It
by Jungle
(80 plays) | (0 fans)

Loving in Stereo, Jungle's new full length, drops in August. They will perform at the Moore Theatre on Friday, October 22nd. The show is sold out! https://www.junglejunglejungle.com/
06/06/2021 12:35 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
by intellexual featuring Liam ...
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Intellexual are The Social Experiment's Nico Segal and Nate Fox. Read more about the project at https://concord.com/artist/intellexual/
06/06/2021 12:26 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Don't Give Up
by Kareem Ali
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From Phoenix. He will perform at the massive Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona next year. https://kareemali19.bandcamp.com/album/quantum-blackness
06/06/2021 12:23 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Black Qualls
by Thundercat feat. Steve Lacy...
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"No more living in fear..." Thundercat said, "Steve Lacy titled this song. 'Qualls' was just a different way of saying 'walls.' And black walls in the sense of what it means to be a young black male in America right now. A long time ago, black people weren't even allowed to read. If you were caught reading, you’d get killed in front of your family. So growing up being black – we're talking about a couple hundred years later – you learn to hide your wealth and knowledge. You put up these barriers, you protect yourself....You gotta know who you are. It's about this idea that it's okay to be okay."
06/06/2021 12:22 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCzxWZVrtDc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaPuI4p3PrQ
06/06/2021 12:18 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley

Breonna Taylor would have turned 28 yesterday. She was gunned down in her own apartment by Louisville police on March 20, 2020. While a grand jury handed down criminal indictments for LMPD officers, to date no criminal charges have been filed tied to Taylor's death. https://www.nytimes.com/article/breonna-taylor-police.html
06/06/2021 12:12 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
Be Somebody
by Savana
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Recorded Live on KEXP at Home session, from September 4, 2020. You can watch the whole performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI0bXkY1Sk8
06/06/2021 12:07 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
by Jaubi
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Lahore, Pakistan based instrumental quartet. JAUBI explore eastern mysticism and the spiritual Self ("Nafs") on this, their debut album. From their bio, "Everything is composed by ear. Nothing is ever written down." https://www.jaubimusic.com/
06/06/2021 12:02 PM
DJ: DJ Miss Ashley
by Kaidi Tatham
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"Birmingham's very own Herbie Hancock, from rude boy rockers to the most complex in jazz, Kaidi plays it all, he’s a true virtuoso and innovator. His music operates on a deeper, different level. He strikes that rare and perfect balance between fun and playful, whilst technically reaching the highest heights of musicality, the love and passion always shines through." - Alexander Nut, DJ and Eglo Records founder https://kaiditatham.bandcamp.com