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04/07/2021 11:59 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Hot Thoughts
by Spoon
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Listener request from Jeff. To watch them play this song live in the KEXP studio in 2017, go here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBfHrrSJv2M
04/07/2021 11:54 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Squid feat. Martha Skye Murphy
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After a series of stand-alone singles and an EP, Brighton, England-based band Squid have announced their debut album, Bright Green Field, out May 7th via Warp. -- This KEXP Song of the Day features guest vocals from Martha Skye Murphy, to help make "the point that the unreliable narrator is, more often than not, a male who wishes to portray women as submissive characters in their story.": https://www.kexp.org/podcasts/song-of-the-day/2021/3/18/squid-narrator-feat-martha-skye-murphy/
04/07/2021 11:51 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Rocks at Your Window
by Claud
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New music from Indie musician Claud Mintz, a musician from the suburbs of Chicago. Claud is a non-binary artist. Claud began releasing music under the pseudonym Toast in 2018, but the last year has been a productive one for them. They were the first artist to sign on with Phoebe Bridgers’s record label Saddest Factory and released this album in February.
04/07/2021 11:48 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
The Last Man on Earth
by Wolf Alice
(35 plays) | (0 fans)

Lead singer Ellie Rowsell shared a brief statement about “Last Man on Earth”: "It’s about the arrogance of humans. I’d just read Kurt Vonnegut’s "Cat’s Cradle" and I had written the line “Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god” in my notes. But then I thought: “Uh, your peculiar travel suggestion isn’t a dancing lesson from god, it’s just a travel suggestion! Why does everything need to mean something more?”: https://bit.ly/3vz2cSZ -- Enjoy Live Video from Wolf Alice's 2017 KEXP In-Studio, hosted by Cheryl Waters: https://bit.ly/3wtMlpg.
04/07/2021 11:41 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Nick Hakim
(58 plays) | (0 fans)

On "QADIR", NY-based Nick Hakim pays tribute to his late friend, Qadir Imhotep West, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 25. This was KEXP's Song of the Day last July 28, chosen by DJ Cheryl Waters. Learn more about the song, the artist, and how to subscribe for FREE to future KEXP Song of the Day podcasts: https://www.kexp.org/podcasts/song-of-the-day/2020/7/28/nick-hakim-qadir/.
04/07/2021 11:37 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Even After All
by Finley Quaye
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Finley Quaye is a Scottish musician. He won the 1997 Mobo Award for best reggae act, and the 1998 BRIT Award for Best Male Solo Artist. Quaye also has a notable musical heritage as son of composer Cab Kaye and half-brother of Elton John's guitarist Caleb Quaye.
04/07/2021 11:33 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Vic Mensa feat. Wyclef Jean...
(20 plays) | (0 fans)

According to Rolling Stone, this track tackles racial injustice and arrives with video capturing Covid-19's impact on black communities. "'Shelter' is a spiritual note, a healing frequency," Mensa said in a statement. "It was inspired not by Hollywood or Paris, but by what's going on on the ground - in the real world, with the real people." Wyclef added: "The journey of this song was so important. It's very crucial we, as musicians, use our voice to represent those who are not so easily able to be heard." https://bit.ly/3k1UnjB Beautiful video here: https://youtu.be/XvmEffQBHCo
04/07/2021 11:28 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Pay Your Way In Pain
by St. Vincent
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Listener request from Erin. Annie Clark described the song from her forthcoming (May 2021) LP to NME as "blues for 2021," saying, "I feel like we live in a world where we're often asked to choose between surviving and dignity... It's also about how there's nothing that I've done in my life that didn't involve some sort of struggle. Some of those struggles are really worthy ones to have and something great can come of them." https://bit.ly/2P2Ry6a https://stvincent.bandcamp.com/album/daddys-home
04/07/2021 11:25 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Mitski
(10 plays) | (0 fans)

The name of the album is "Puberty 2," that number 2 attached as though it was a movie sequel. But in this case, Mitski creates music that serves as a heightened remembrance of adolescence. She's tapping into memories that aren't all that musty for someone in her mid-20s, yet which are being shaped by a singer who is very much an adult woman. "One morning this sadness will fossilize, and I will forget how to cry. I'll keep going to work, and you won't see a change save perhaps a slight gray in my eye. I will go jogging routinely, calmly and rhythmically run. And when I find that a knife's sticking out of my side, I'll pull it out without questioning why. And then one warm summer night, I'll hear..." https://www.npr.org/2016/07/12/485632408/mitski-creates-a-heightened-remembrance-of-adolescence-on-puberty-2 Video from Mitski's most recent KEXP in-studio performance - https://youtu.be/22nLs0Omn-8
04/07/2021 11:20 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Twin Falls
by Built to Spill
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Listener request from Nick who is in NZ and feeling homesick. This is a live version of Built To Spill’s nostalgic song about growing up in a small town.
04/07/2021 11:17 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters

Mac DeMarco has played a number of live shows at KEXP, the most recent in 2019. Watch it here... https://www.kexp.org/watch/mac-demarco/
04/07/2021 11:11 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters

A Tribe Called Red (often abbreviated as ATCR) is aCanadian electronic music group based in Ottowa, Ontario, who blend instrumental hip hop, reggae, moombahton and dubstep-influenced dance music with elements of First Nations music, particularly vocal chanting and drumming. Bear Witness explained that the group was formed because its members wanted to throw parties for their community, and he also pointed out ATCR's political connotation - "To take over and Indigenize the club space is a really political act...As First Nations people everything we do is political" (Ehren "Bear Witness" Thomas)
04/07/2021 11:07 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Business Time
by Flight of the Conchords
(157 plays) | (3 fans)

Yep...it's Wednesday! Listener request from Jeff in Bellingham for his co-worker Michelle.
04/07/2021 11:04 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Bomba Estereo
(30 plays) | (0 fans)

Colombian band Bomba Estéreo last appeared live on KEXP back in 2013: https://www.kexp.org/read/2013/4/25/live-video-bomba-estereo-2/
04/07/2021 11:01 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters

In 2020, Los Angeles-based producer Maral released her debut full-length LP 'Push,' via Leaving Records. KEXP's Isabel Khalili recently spoke with Maral about the creation of the record, how she samples classical Iranian music as well as her vision for continuing to reinterpret this music and culture in her own work. They also discuss Persian poetry, what Maral calls “the spiritual melancholy of being Iranian," the transcendence of club music, and how she came to collaborate with Lee “Scratch” Perry and Penny Rimbaud of Crass. You can listen to the feature or read a text version below. https://www.kexp.org/read/2021/3/3/let-distortion-sing-maral-spiritual-melancholy-and-future-iranian-music/