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02/26/2021 06:56 PM
DJ: Evie
It Takes a Muscle
by M.I.A.
(20 plays) | (0 fans)

This dancehall jam is a cover version of a track originally recorded in 1982 by Dutch synth pop group Spectral Display. You can compare both the original and the cover here: https://fichtenstein.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/coversongs-it-takes-a-muscle-by-spectral-display-mia/
02/26/2021 06:51 PM
DJ: Evie
by Roosevelt
(1 play) | (0 fans)

"Roosevelt is always looking for that special moment. The producer – Marius Lauber – utilizes outstanding electronics, matching club tropes to pangs of melancholy, all wrapped up in gorgeous melodies" https://cityslang.com/artists/roosevelt
02/26/2021 06:44 PM
DJ: Evie
by Disclosure & Channel Tres
(14 plays) | (0 fans)

"This song reminds me of a dark club with a disco vibe where you can dance until 6am without even realizing it. Channel Tres’ nonchalant, soothing voice floats effortlessly over the funky beat. Right when you think the song is about to slow down after the chorus, it drops right back into the beat and keeps on going. This song will make you remember those days of dancing with your rave babe without a care in the world. Oh how we miss that." Read a track-by-track discussion of the songs on the just-released "ENERGY": https://bit.ly/3jRFnng
02/26/2021 06:41 PM
DJ: Evie
Music Makes Me High
by The Avalanches
(12 plays) | (1 fan)

This song has helped many of us dance out our emotions during the pandemic. Turn it up, close your eyes, let everything go, and dance! If you feel the love for KEXP and the music we share every day with you, please consider making a donation today. https://www.kexp.org/donate/
02/26/2021 06:34 PM
DJ: Evie
Da Funk
by Daft Punk
(97 plays) | (0 fans)

Daft Punk are a French electronic music duo formed in Paris in 1993 by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The music video for this song is quite interesting. Although the video has drawn several interpretations, Thomas Bangalter has stated: "There's no story. It is just a man-dog walking with a ghetto-blaster in New York. The rest is not meant to say anything. People are trying to explain it: Is it about human tolerance? Integration? Urbanism? There's really no message. There will be a sequel someday" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmi60Bd4jSs
02/26/2021 06:31 PM
DJ: Evie
Booby Trap
by Rudy Willingham & Murder Dice
(35 plays) | (0 fans)

Seattle native Rudy Willingham is a DJ and producer who's also made a splash in the global arts community as a designer, copywriter, street artist, photographer, and product designer who's collaborated with the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, and some of the world's biggest brands. Originally coming up in the Seattle music scene as one-half of the rap duo Slow Dance, Rudy's solo debut full-length album titled Dunk Reactions quickly become a KEXP favorite, recently being hailed as the #10 album of the year in our listener-voted countdown of the best albums of 2019.
02/26/2021 06:26 PM
DJ: Evie
Little L
by Jamiroquai
(7 plays) | (0 fans)

A Funk Odyssey (stylized as A funk odyssey) is the fifth studio album by British funk band Jamiroquai. The album was released on 3 September 2001 in the United Kingdom by Sony Soho Square and 11 September 2001 by Epic Records in the United States. Jamiroquai are an English funk and acid jazz band from London, formed in 1992. Fronted by singer-songwriter Jay Kay, the band were a prominent component of the London-based funk/jazz movement of the 1990s.
02/26/2021 06:23 PM
DJ: Evie
Astral Plane
by The Modern Lovers
(69 plays) | (0 fans)

" Smart underground poetry from Jonathan Richman at his most poignant, lyrics that glide away from the mainstream but are not too obscure for the intuitive underground rock fan. " https://www.allmusic.com/song/astral-plane-mt0032758853
02/26/2021 06:19 PM
DJ: Evie
Strong Feelings
by Dry Cleaning
(55 plays) | (0 fans)

Frontwoman Florence Shaw says the song is “about secretly being in love with someone who doesn’t know it, and Brexit’s disruptive role in romantic relationships.” https://bit.ly/37SETtd Here's their live performance in the KEXP studio last March: https://bit.ly/3aPBOvV
02/26/2021 06:11 PM
DJ: Evie

Will Toledo says about this new Car Seat Headrest album, "I was listening less and less to albums and more and more to individual songs, songs from all over the place, every few days finding a new one that seemed to have a special energy. I thought that if I could make an album full of songs that had a special energy, each one unique and different in its vision, then that would be a good thing." https://carseatheadrest.bandcamp.com/
02/26/2021 06:06 PM
DJ: Evie
Born in a War
by Future Islands
(11 plays) | (0 fans)

Baltimore band Future Islands performed this song and others on Live on KEXP at Home recently! Here's the full performance: https://youtu.be/lg1ZFT8IoFI
02/26/2021 06:02 PM
DJ: Evie
by Pure Bathing Culture
(19 plays) | (0 fans)

Pure Bathing Culture expand on “Devotion” in a statement: There are a number of songs on this album that involve one lover telling another that whatever it is they are up against, they can make it through it together, that they will support them in the process, that they want to inspire them through it. The verses of “Devotion” in particular deal with someone who repeatedly feels unconfident or like they are left behind, but are inevitably saved by love. Devotion is the act of supporting each other and not giving up; it’s what makes things magic. When we come together and make something, when we put the stars in the jewels, when we repeat this over and over again, it’s all we can do. It’s the ritual that perpetuates love. https://www.stereogum.com/2032929/pure-bathing-culture-devotion/premiere/