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01/15/2021 02:56 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Love and Affection
by Joan Armatrading
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“Love and Affection” was Joan Armatradings first chart success, and the Guardian described it as a, “deceptively feisty ballad...an instant classic." Watch an amazingly 70's video of Joan Armatrading performing “Love And Affection” live in 1976: https://youtu.be/oag3I4VRXyM
01/15/2021 02:52 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Burn the Heather
by The Lounge Society
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The Lounge Society’s second single spotlights social injustices, by way of grooving Gang of Four reminiscent funk basslines and the clipped deep vocals of Cameron Davey setting it off perfectly. Watch the official music video for “Burn the Heather,” here: https://youtu.be/DCeIDhcCd2o
01/15/2021 02:49 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
by Madlib
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Four Tet edited, arranged, and mastered the newest MadLib Sound Ancestors track. Stereogum writes that, “like “Road Of The Lonely Ones,” Hopprock is a warm, hazy instrumental that Madlib and Four Tet wrote together. The track has a neck-cranking beat, a warm bassline, and a few samples chopped into the mix. It sustains a mood, and I wish we could hear DOOM rapping on it.” Read the full review here: https://www.stereogum.com/2111969/madlib-hopprock/music/
01/15/2021 02:42 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.

RIP DOOM. One of his last releases is this brilliant BBNG/MF Doom cover of the jazz-funk dancefloor classic "Los Conquistadores Chocolates" by Johnny "Hammond" Smith (produced by the Mizell Brothers)! Check out the artist's legacy in a NYT feature - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/12/arts/music/mf-doom-influences.html - and then head over to our website and read the KEXP/Martin Douglas tribute: https://kexp.org/read/2021/1/8/illest-villain-tribute-mf-doom/.
01/15/2021 02:38 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Shed a Little Light
by James Taylor
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Lyrics for this song begin with, "Let us turn our thoughts today/To Martin Luther King/ And recognize that there are ties between us/All men and women/Living on the Earth/Ties of hope and love/ Sister and brotherhood/That we are bound together/In our desire to see the world become/A place in which our children/Can grow free and strong We are bound together/By the task that stands before us And the road that lies ahead/We are bound and we are bound" Read the full lyrics to the track here: https://songmeanings.com/songs/view/6283/
01/15/2021 02:34 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Now's The Time
by Charlie Parker
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“Jazz speaks for life,” King wrote in his opening address to the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival. His friend Reverend Sampson Alexander recalls them debating the merits of trumpeters Clifford Brown and Miles Davis. “King preferred Miles Davis on that instrument. But he thought the absolute greatest was Bird, that is, Charlie Parker,” recalled Alexander. In his speech at The Lincoln Memorial, in August 1963, King used the refrain “now is the time”, referencing the title of Parker’s classic 1945 tune, ‘Now’s The Time’. Check the video for the song here: https://youtu.be/3Y8aVEeP0R0
01/15/2021 02:31 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.

Spin Magazine reported that the video for “By the Time I Get to Arizona” aired on MTV only one time in 1991. But its vision of violent retribution in the face of government callousness kicked over the coffee table of America’s polite conversations about race. On November 6, 1990, the people of Arizona voted down a proposal to create a state holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by a margin of 17,000 votes. The vote came two years after then-Governor Evan Mecham cancelled MLK Day, saying, “I guess King did a lot for the colored people, but I don’t think he deserves a national holiday.” Public Enemy’s response, “By the Time I Get to Arizona,” bubbled over with frustration, contempt, and wit, as legendary firebrand Chuck D took aim at the citizens of Arizona and, Mecham in particular: “The cracker over there/He try to keep it yesteryear/The good ol’ days/The same ol’ ways/That kept us dyin’.” Says Chuck, “I’m a firm believer that hip-hop can change the world and make statements like Bob Marley.” Watch the official music video for the song here: https://youtu.be/zrFOb_f7ubw
01/15/2021 02:27 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
by U2
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The song was produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois and was written about Martin Luther King Jr., "Pride" was a major commercial success for U2 and has since become one of their most popular songs. Follow along with the lyrics in this video: https://youtu.be/ByuyP1PNqKQ
01/15/2021 02:22 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
I've Been Life
by Cody Chesnutt
(44 plays) | (0 fans)

Atlanta based Cody Chesnutt is an R&B and neo soul musician, and recorded this album at the historic Royal Studios in Memphis. Pitchfork wrote that, "Coming a decade after The Headphone Masterpiece, Cody ChesnuTT's sophomore collection is an apt reflection of an artist restarting after several years without sacrificing the eccentricity that initially made him such a compelling figure." Check out the music video here: https://youtu.be/6Lgog8c4FnE
01/15/2021 02:19 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.

Ben Harper’s newest song, “Black Beauty” was released this week, with Harper himself handling the singing duties, along with playing guitar, bass, and percussion on the song. This track first appeared in Sonia Lowman‘s Black Boys documentary. Check the video out here: https://youtu.be/URUTqnLki1g
01/15/2021 02:11 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Rose Rogue
by Jorja Smith
(33 plays) | (0 fans)

Hypebeast describes UK based Jorja Smith as she, “flexes her singing chops backed by a live band, taking her unique sound to a different era. If it’s a sign of what’s to come from the compilation, then you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for more singles before Blue Note’s Bluenote Re:imgained releases this September. The track is minimalist in composition, with crisp drums, vintage horns and hypnotizing keys.” Her sales from covering St. Germain’s “Rose Rouge,” benefit Kwanda, a UK non-profit dedicated to giving back to Black communities. More information on how to donate at https://kwanda.co/
01/15/2021 02:02 PM
DJ: Larry Mizell, Jr.
Why the King of Love Is Dead
by Nina Simone
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NPR wrote that, “Three days after the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968, performer Nina Simone and her band played at the Westbury Music Festival on Long Island, N.Y. They performed "Why? (The King of Love is Dead)," a song they had just learned, written by their bass player Gene Taylor in reaction to King's death. ‘We learned that song that (same) day," says Waymon. "We didn't have a chance to have two or three days of rehearsal. But when you're feeling compassion and outrage and wanting to express what you know the world is feeling, we did it because that's what we felt.’” Read about the whole tribute on NPR: https://www.npr.org/2008/04/06/89418339/why-remembering-nina-simones-tribute-to-the-rev-martin-luther-king-jr