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01/13/2021 06:55 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
Paper Thin (live)
by Lianne La Havas
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Made during lockdown in 2020 by British singer and songwriter Lianne La Havas. Video here: https://youtu.be/4Mtjq7B0Z6Y
01/13/2021 06:51 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
I Get High
by Aretha Franklin
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The 'Sparkle' soundtrack album was written and produced by Curtis Mayfield. Check out this tribute celebrating 40 years of Aretha's 'Sparkle': https://www.albumism.com/features/tribute-celebrating-40-years-of-aretha-franklin-sparkle
01/13/2021 06:47 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
by Chantae Cann feat. PJ Morton
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Official animated visual of single, "Craters" feat. PJ Morton, from Chantae Cann's latest project, 'Sol Empowered'! Video produced & animated by artist/singer/songwriter Brik.Liam. https://youtu.be/SIhVBAwV9_I
01/13/2021 06:41 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros

Beyoncé Guitarist Francesca Simone and the Seattle-based singer, songwriter, and producer Otieno Terry performance with a Blue Jay Session recording of their unreleased track.
01/13/2021 06:37 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
I Wish You Love
by Exile
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A gift from the L.A.-based Exile: "Here’s a lil something to brighten your day! Trust me bang this for your loved ones now. I feel so grateful for life, I wish you all love!" https://exileds.bandcamp.com/ Check out a KEXP Live at Home session from Blu & Exile - an exclusive set of music & convo with Gabriel: https://youtu.be/Xo8H6aS16JM
01/13/2021 06:35 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
by Ari Lennox
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Washington, D.C. artist. http://www.arilennox.com/
01/13/2021 06:32 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros

The album’s title comes from her family: Sin Miedo (which means “without fear”) was a phrase her aunt often repeated to her growing up -- when she was 15, Kali had the phrase tattooed on herself. http://kaliuchis.com/ Check out Kali Uchis's COLORS spotlight: https://youtu.be/MYESVkUxWxM
01/13/2021 06:26 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
Note To Self (Okay)
by Jah9 feat. Chronixx
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“In many ways, surviving can be like a war against a vast unknown world, it will prove invaluable having an intimate understanding of yourself and the materials, talents, flaws and gifts you are given." http://www.jah9.com/ Check out a 2017 in-studio performance from this multidisciplinary artiste, producer, poet, yogi, social scientist, cultural curator, among a multitude of titles. https://youtu.be/qyXjt7QsDrQ
01/13/2021 06:23 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
Pà Pá Pà
by Femi Kuti
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Femi and Made Kuti - son & grandson of the great Fela Kuti - are releasing a double album 'Legacy+' in February. 'Legacy+' includes Femi’s album 'Stop the Hate' and Made’s album 'For(e)ward'. Following in the legacy of his father, Femi Kuti’s socially conscious song “Pà Pá Pà “ addresses humanitarian concerns through Afrobeat jams. Check out the video for the song - https://youtu.be/aeOklefYRW0 - and a 2011 KEXP live performance: https://youtu.be/OX3E-hgEiIQ
01/13/2021 06:20 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
by Amerie
(6 plays) | (0 fans)

On her debut album, 'The Angel You Don't Know', Ghanian-American artist Amaarae covers many styles, including the dancehall timbres of "Leave Me Alone". Check out Pitchfork's review: https://tinyurl.com/yxk2ocl9
01/13/2021 06:15 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
Them Changes
by Thundercat
(4 plays) | (0 fans)

L.A.'s Brainfeeder label celebrated 10 years with this 2018 compilation featuring 22 all new songs from its catalogue of artists! Check out the video for "Them Changes"! https://youtu.be/GNCd_ERZvZM And then head over to the KEXP website for a 2020 Sound & Vison conversation with Thundercat: https://www.kexp.org/podcasts/sound-vision/2020/4/14/thundercat-mourning-loss-and-humor/
01/13/2021 06:11 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
A Place In This World
by Common Ft. PJ
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In a statement before the election, Common said, “A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1 is affirmation. It’s recognition. It’s elevation. It’s music to go with a movement. Because the truth is, there is still so much work to do. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we need to make sure things do not return to the status quo. The intention of the music is to channel all of our pain and outrage into something productive, inspirational, and good. It’s to help lead a movement into our next phase of the work to be done.” https://officialcommon.bandcamp.com/album/a-beautiful-revolution-part-1 Check out the video! https://youtu.be/rKcvKDljp1w
01/13/2021 06:07 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros

“I was so excited to get to work on this project as I’ve always been a big fan of Brittany’s music,” Kiwanuka said in a statement. “Knowing this particular track and being such a fan of her voice, I wanted to not meddle with her voice, and then to make it front and center. She sounds so victorious when she sings and speaks, so the music I made was governed by that.” https://bit.ly/2M3uhQh
01/13/2021 06:02 AM
DJ: Gabriel Teodros
by Yves Tumor
(85 plays) | (1 fan)

“Kerosene!” is a duet between Italy-based/Miami-born, producer/electronic musician Yves Tumor and NY singer/songwriter Diana Gordon, (fka Wynter Gordon) who collaborated closely with Beyonce on "Lemonade". https://torturedmind.help/