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01/12/2021 06:48 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
10. Ayemen
by Dark Time Sunshine
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Onry Ozzborn & Zavala are Seattle's own Dark Time Sunshine -- with backup vocals by Alison Baker & Jack Rylands of Psycho Rooster New record out February 2021 -- enjoy the video: https://youtu.be/wtDG0fHxA2I https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/lore
01/12/2021 06:43 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Good Days
by SZA
(57 plays) | (0 fans)

A gift released on Christmas Day 2020 - brand new single from SZA! - with Jacob Collier on back up vocals. This track is expected on her upcoming second studio album -- and was first featured at the tail end of the video for the September single "Hit Different". https://youtu.be/qJlMkMtK7-8 https://szactrl.com/
01/12/2021 06:39 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Sea of Islands
by Sign Libra
(3 plays) | (0 fans)

***EUROSONIC 2021 ARTIST ALERT*** Sign Libra is streaming at the Eurosonic Festival on Wednesday, January 13 at 8:45 PM in the Netherlands -- 11:45 AM Seattle time! https://esns.nl/artist/sign-libra/ This album by Latvian artist Sign Libra is inspired by the lunar maria - the ancient volcanic formations on the moon surface. "As the moon appears in different ways on different days, Sign Libra leaves Sea to Sea open like an ocean to listener interpretation and imagination." A portion of the proceeds from this album on Bandcamp will go to the Belgian Music Fund, supporting music schools in conflict zones and developing countries. https://signlibrachannel.bandcamp.com/album/sea-to-sea
01/12/2021 06:34 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Intro / Tropical Plantarum
by Sign Libra
(2 plays) | (0 fans)

***EUROSONIC 2021 ARTIST ALERT*** Released under the moniker Sign Libra, Closer to the Equator is the work of Latvian artist and composer Agata Melnikova --composed for a contemporary ballet at Latvian National Opera in Riga. Described as "a modern new age synthesis of a tropical rainforest microcosm, inspired by BBC nature documentaries". This album was on KEXP DJ Sean's top 10 of 2018! Sign Libra is streaming at the Eurosonic Festival on Wednesday, January 13 at 8:45 PM in the Netherlands -- 11:45 AM Seattle time! https://esns.nl/artist/sign-libra/ https://antinoterecordings.bandcamp.com/album/atn039-sign-libra-closer-to-the-equator
01/12/2021 06:29 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Songhoy Blues
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Songhoy Blues performed a special live set on the riverside in Bamako, Mali, recorded exclusively for KEXP. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/fMPEK1YHM4w 'Optimisme' confronts our world today. On “Gabi,” Songhoy Blues seeks the empowerment of women, asking for centuries-old misogynistic practices to be done away with. https://songhoyblues.bandcamp.com/album/optimisme
01/12/2021 06:27 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Hey Bug
by Parquet Courts
(12 plays) | (0 fans)

Cheryl Waters hosted Parquet Courts Live in the KEXP Studio back in 2018: https://bit.ly/2UQt5ki. “Hey Bug,” was recorded during the same sessions that produced their 2014 album Sunbathing Animal! "Editing the sequence for a record is often a tough process, and when it’s over it’s typically such a relief that I’ll purge it from my memory entirely. And now I’m listening to ‘Hey Bug’ these seven years later and thinking what a cool song it is. That period was a frenzy of writing and I know it’s not the only unreleased song from that session. So here you are, our lone musical contribution in the year 2020" -- read more at Stereogum: https://tinyurl.com/yxm8883j https://parquetcourts.bandcamp.com/album/hey-bug
01/12/2021 06:24 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
In The Street
by Big Star
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Speaking of Big Star -- the quintessential American power pop band, Big Star remains one of the most mythic and influential cult acts in all of rock & roll. Originally led by the singing and songwriting duo of Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, the Memphis-based group fused the strongest elements of the British Invasion era -- the melodic invention of the Beatles, the whiplash guitars of the Who, and the radiant harmonies of the Byrds -- into a ramshackle but poignantly beautiful sound that recaptured the spirit of pop's past even as it pointed the way toward the music's future.
01/12/2021 06:21 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Chris Bell was born on this date in 1951! He co-led the groundbreaking power pop band Big Star with Alex Chilton, before splitting with the group in 1972. He struggled with depression and substance abuse for the remainder of his life. This single has been played live by Big Star, Beck, The Posies, The Jayhawks, and has also been covered by This Mortal Coil, and Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn.
01/12/2021 06:13 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Protect Ya Neck
by Wu-Tang Clan
(35 plays) | (0 fans)

The first Wu-Tang song bringing together the original four members and four others (excluding Masta Killa, who had not yet joined). The chime opening the song is from the 1977 Shaw Brothers kung-fu film "Executioners from Shaolin", based on the life of the legendary Shaolin lay member Hong Xiguan. This track has been featured in the video games "True Crime: New York City" and "Skate 2"
01/12/2021 06:09 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
The Gates
by Aesop Rock
(15 plays) | (0 fans)

Aesop Rock uses animals as muses and inspirations across his work -- as Pitchfork wrote in their review: "On Spirit World Field Guide, this fascination with creatures widens into a cosmology. Animals no longer play bit parts in Aesop Rock’s intricate tapestries... This is the most joyous album he’s ever made." Read the full article here: https://tinyurl.com/y4autsxv https://aesoprock.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-world-field-guide
01/12/2021 06:06 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by alyona alyona
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***EUROSONIC 2021 ARTIST ALERT*** Ukranian Rapper Alyona Savarenko left her job as an elementary school teacher to perform hip-hop as Alyona Alyona -- she was nominated for the 2021 Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the first time a Ukranian artist was nominated! She's performing live at the virtual Eurosonic Festival on Friday, January 15 at 10:15 PM in the Netherlands, or 1:15 PM Seattle time! https://esns.nl/artist/alyona-alyona/ This track was also the KEXP Song of the Day, hosted by Kevin Cole, on January 12: https://www.kexp.org/podcasts/song-of-the-day/2021/1/12/alyona-alyona-diki-tanci/ You should definitely check out the video, made in the style of the game "Grand Theft Auto", with a link to her dance challenge! https://youtu.be/ceW7ilf9t5M
01/12/2021 06:00 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
White Lies
by War On Women
(5 plays) | (0 fans)

"We politely request you take your boots off our necks!!!" Check out the music video, featuring Baltimore artist Landis Expandis from Landis Harry Harry: https://youtu.be/JQ6rACAhXo0 Check out our recent interview on Sound and Vision with War on Women here: https://kexp.org/podcasts/sound-vision/2020/11/3/war-women-make-wonderful-hell-worth-living/