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01/10/2021 03:55 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Good Girls (Don't Get Used)
by Beach Bunny
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01/10/2021 03:50 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Cat Power
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Charlyn Marie "Chan" Marshall, better known by her stage name Cat Power, is a singer-songwriter, musician, occasional actress, and model. Cat Power was originally the name of Marshall's first band, but has become her stage name as a solo artist. https://www.catpowermusic.com/
01/10/2021 03:46 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Susie Save Your Love
by Allie X, Mitski
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HOW DID I MISS THIS MITSKI COLLAB IN 2020??? Allie X tapped Mitski for their latest collaboration, “Susie Save Your Love.” The song appears on the Canadian singer-songwriter’s new album Cape God, which also features Troye Sivan. She and Mitski co-wrote the song; it was produced by Oscar Görres (aka OzGo) and Valley Girl (Nate Campany and Kyle Shearer). https://pitchfork.com/news/mitski-features-on-new-allie-x-song-susie-save-your-love-listen/
01/10/2021 03:39 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
The Last Train to Trancentral
by The KLF
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Request for Ray!
01/10/2021 03:37 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Call Me
by Da Lata
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Deee-Lite rose out of the 1980’s club scene in Greenwich Village and fused techno, funk, ambient, hip-hop, and house music to form something completely unique. The trio, which included vocalist Lady Miss Kier from the US, DJ Dmitry from Kiev, and DJ Towa Towa from Tokyo, had a unique cultural make-up that earned them a following across racial and sexual boundaries. https://www.dmpgroup.com/our-catalog/artist/deeelite
01/10/2021 03:31 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Day 7.5093
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01/10/2021 03:28 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Looking at Girls
by Dead Famous People
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Dead Famous People are a New Zealand indie pop band formed in Auckland, active from the latter half of the 1980s onward. Dead Famous People are still active today, Don Savage using various collaborators, with a new album being recorded in Auckland New Zealand, following an extended break taken to raise his son, Harry. Find them on Bandcamp- https://deadfamouspeoplefire.bandcamp.com/
01/10/2021 03:26 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Cuffing Season
by Basement Tuesdays
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Seattle band Basement Tuesdays will be releasing their debut album soon titled Parallel Parking Disaster! Stay tuned for the new release and keep up with them on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/basementtuesdays/?hl=en
01/10/2021 03:18 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
More Often
by Sam Truth
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Sam Truth is a 21-year-old musician who’s just marked the end a turbulent period with the release of his debut album Child, a scarred, but hopeful account of homelessness and upheaval. Find him on Instagram!- https://www.instagram.com/samtroof/?hl=en
01/10/2021 03:17 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Arlo Parks
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“’Caroline’ is an exercise in people watching and seeing situations unfold without context,” Nigerian-French artist Arlo Parks said of this song from her new album, "Collapsed in Sunbeams," set for release on January 29th. “It’s an exploration of how something once full of healthy passion can dissolve in an instant.” Watch the lyric video for this song: https://www.nme.com/en_asia/news/music/listen-to-arlo-parks-intimate-new-song-caroline-2824051
01/10/2021 03:14 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Rabbit Hole
by Cherry Glazerr
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“‘Rabbit Hole’ is about clawing back my identity,” Creevy says in a press release. “I often find myself acting a certain way to get someone else’s approval. Then it’s hard for me to find myself again. That’s what I was meditating on with this song.” http://www.undertheradarmag.com/news/cherry_glazerr_share_new_song_rabbit_hole
01/10/2021 03:07 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille

Confronting issues of identity and conflict with a wild blend of sonic influences, Japanese-British singer/songwriter Rina Sawayama twists her pop anthems with everything from R&B and nu-metal to club beats and early-2000s teen pop. Find her latest album SAWAYAMA here- https://www.rina.online/
01/10/2021 03:03 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Gorillaz feat. Fatoumata Di...
(13 plays) | (0 fans)

“Désolé,” which means “sorry” in French, features guest vocals from Malian actress and singer-songwriter, Fatoumata Diawara Gorillaz will be performing Song Machine live via livestream on Dec 12th and 13th. More info: https://www.gorillaz.com/
01/10/2021 03:02 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Run Run Run
by Ann Peebles
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I have been OBSESSED with this album. An absolute gem! Ann Lee Peebles is a singer and songwriter who gained celebrity for her Memphis soul albums of the 1970s for Hi Records. You may recognize the title track on this album ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’.