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10/02/2020 07:00 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Well hello! Kicking off our Fall "Fun" Drive right now! Please make a gift at kexp.org!
10/02/2020 06:51 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
So Fresh, So Clean
by OutKast
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10/02/2020 06:50 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Hard Life
(24 plays) | (1 fan)

“'Hard Life' is another example of the detailed thought that characterizes the album in its entirety. Starting with sparse syncopation and a rumbling, truculent bassline, it adds Cleo Sol’s effortless vocals and some necessary incendiary lyrics: 'I ain’t gonna wait no more / Gonna start a war / I ain’t gonna wait no more.'”"The song’s change from war cry to victory march mirrors that oft quoted idea that the arc of progress heads towards justice and it is remarkable." Learn more about his album that "embodies the soul, spirit, and sanctity of revolution.": https://www.albumism.com/reviews/sault-untitled-black-is
10/02/2020 06:35 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by A P & Husko
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10/02/2020 06:31 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Strange Timez
by Gorillaz & Robert Smith
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"We did this tune with Robert completely by email," Damon Albarn explained on BBC Radio 6. Smith added: "I loved it! I thought it was excellent. I felt ripples in the force and I thought, 'I better get this done.'" "Strange Timez" marks the latest in the Song Machine series by Gorillaz. 'Song Machine, Season One' will be released on October 23rd as part of the Gorillaz Song Machine project, a collection of singles and music videos, dubbed "episodes." Each will feature previously unannounced guests and incorporate a wide range of genres, including punk rock, bossa nova, synth-pop, electronic, and downtempo. The compilation will also include new collaborations alongside St. Vincent, Beck, Elton John, EarthGang and GoldLink. Watch the video for "Strange Timez" here: https://bit.ly/3d0u6Pf
10/02/2020 06:28 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by The Sugarcubes
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10/02/2020 06:25 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
nowhere man
by tUnE-yArDs
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California band Tune-Yards are back with "nowhere, man", their first new single in over two years. The song name is a reference to the Beatles song of a similar name, and the video features Charlie Chapin–inspired footage. Merrill Garbus said, "We hope the music brings energy and a strong wind of encouragement to those who are shouting and singing loudly for justice right now.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xd097nWH2s
10/02/2020 06:17 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by The The
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10/02/2020 06:16 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Sad Music
by Jessica Winter
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Celebrate Bandcamp Friday by buying some music from one of my new favorite artists! https://jessicawinter.bandcamp.com/
10/02/2020 06:10 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Salt Licorice
by Jónsi with Robyn
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“’Salt Licorice’ is such a cute and perfect pop song,” Robyn states. “It makes me want to dance violently and make out at the same time. It was a no-brainer to say yes to singing it with Jónsi. The pretty emails I get with a thousand emojis in them from him is a bonus that came with our collaboration as well!” “Salt Licorice” arrives with a video that Jónsi directed with Rene van Pannevis. The eye-popping visual boasts a bubblegum pink palette and is filled with a mix of surreal and sweet sequences to match the song, from Jónsi shaving his head, to having his face covered in some kind of goop, to a small group of dancers (including Dominique McDougal and Albert Trujillo) moving ecstatically to the song. https://bit.ly/30nO3KI
10/02/2020 06:05 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Yer So Bad
by Tom Petty
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Celebrating Tom Petty today, who passed away on this day in 2017.
10/02/2020 06:01 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
A Long Way Past the Past
by Fleet Foxes
(7 plays) | (0 fans)

Breaking down every song, Robin Pecknold revealed that working on "A Long Way Past the Past" allowed him to have some fun with a song that's "a little bit too slow." "I was like, 'This song must be 80 beats per minute, that’s as fast as it could be,'" he says. "It has this slight, easy stroll or strut to it. And then lyrically, it’s reconciling how much of the past to hold on to and how much to leave behind, questioning that conflict." https://ew.com/music/fleet-foxes-robin-pecknold-shore-track-by-track-breakdown/