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09/24/2020 06:58 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Triple LP 180g black Record Store Day: these are limited to 1 per customer. Expected 26th September 2020 This is an exclusive release for Record Store Day 2020 - Drop 2. 3LP set featuring a complete live show recorded at University of Wisconsin in 1989. Pressed on 140g black vinyl, the set features the tracks "Alex Chilton", "Bastards of Young", "I’ll Be You", "Can’t Hardly Wait", "I Will Dare", and many more. Limited to 8500 copies worldwide.
09/24/2020 06:54 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Doves
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"'Prisoners' is about that yearning that Doves have always had," said Jimi Goodwin. "Just over the horizon, there’s always something better. Sometimes we get trapped by our own behaviour. You can be a prisoner of your own thoughts. They can take you to some pretty dark and unexpected places if you let them. It’s a song about checking yourself. It’s not to do with lockdown or the pandemic, it’s just the day to day well-being. A lot of Doves lyrics are shot through with that notion of having a word with yourself." https://bit.ly/307saPp
09/24/2020 06:48 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

This one's for Brian, in sweltering hot Pilbara! The band entered the studio in January 2009 to begin recording new songs. At this time, vocalist James Graham told The Skinny, "The band had definitely moved on from Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters, musically and lyrically. One thing that I can promise is that the lyrics are very dark, but you might have to look into them a bit to realise. They are mainly based around things that have happened to me over the past two years, revolving mainly around losing people and being none too proud or happy with myself about my antics and situations I've found myself in. (The lyrics for the album were written during a two-month period after a close family member of Graham's died.) So if you're looking for a record with a lot of hope and happy songs then fuck off, 'cause you won't find it here with us! Maybe on the third album when we all have coke and heroin addictions things will start to look a bit brighter!" https://bit.ly/2GctUzG
09/24/2020 06:43 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

ÖB is partly influenced by the story of a man named Peter Krook, who was supposedly a common ancestor of the band, and who was born in 1685. In the story of the album, Krook is imprisoned in Ostrobothnia, in western Finland, where Joensuu 1685 had also begun recording this album over 10 years ago. “When we returned to record ÖB, we were allowed to re-immerse ourselves in the stream from which we drew and continue to draw,” Risto Joensuu shared. “It is a great celebration of returning home and completely unique to publish something that has been honed in the waves of our minds for so long and finally give it to listeners." Along with the announcement, Joensuu 1685 have shared a song called "Light In The Heart Of Our Town." "It’s about an image of a dying town," Mikko said of the track. "About a person in front of a gas station right at the edge of town, seeing the town and seeing oneself, what was, what is and what will be. It’s an image of the hope that runs deep in our bones." https://bit.ly/3mRQvm4
09/24/2020 06:40 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
A Long Way Past the Past
by Fleet Foxes
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Breaking down every song, Pecknold revealed that working on "A Long Way Past the Past" allowed him to have some fun with a song that's "a little bit too slow." "I was like, 'This song must be 80 beats per minute, that’s as fast as it could be,'" he says. "It has this slight, easy stroll or strut to it. And then lyrically, it’s reconciling how much of the past to hold on to and how much to leave behind, questioning that conflict." https://bit.ly/2RYX6x4
09/24/2020 06:35 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Lost Horizons, the guest artist-featuring, blissful musical project of Cocteau Twins bassist and Bella Union supremo Simon Raymonde and Richie Thomas, have announced their second LP, In Quiet Moments, which will be released in two instalments. This installment features a stellar array of guests: expect to hear John Grant, Marissa Nadler, Porridge Radio, Penelope Isles; Karen Peris, of The Innocence Mission, Tim Smith of Midlake, and more. And in support of the announcement of In Quiet Moments they’ve today released the excellent, ska-brass led “I Woke Up To The Light”, a collaboration with The Hempolics and graced by the soul power of that London outfit’s Nubiya. It’s a cracker, dubby and soulful, directly in the lineage of great British music that doesn’t see colour. https://bit.ly/3j2nodA
09/24/2020 06:30 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Ferris Wheel
by Sylvan Esso
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Free Love is the first album since Sylvan Esso founders Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn got married. It’s also the first one to feature both members on vocals and the first one recorded in the studio they built in the woods around their Durham home base. The band reveals, "It’s a record about being increasingly terrified of the world around you and looking inward to remember all the times when loving other people seemed so easy, so that you can find your way back to that place." On “Ferris Wheel,” Meath gracefully spins melodies over hiccuping digital production, building to a nimble and extremely catchy chorus punctuated by sampled children’s chants and the occasional beat drop. The duo says it’s "about discovering your power and awkwardly figuring out how to wield it. It’s for the summer, it’s for you, we hope you like it." https://bit.ly/2RWcryh
09/24/2020 06:26 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
disco infiltrator
by LCD Soundsystem
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LCD Soundsystem samples Kraftwerk’s “Home Computer” on this track. Check out an archived James Murphy interview on Lou Reed and The Cure's Robert Smith: https://bit.ly/3i2iVpK
09/24/2020 06:21 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture
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“Where I grew up, we say you have to get blessings from your parents,” explains Falle Nioke. “It is not something money can buy. One of my friends told me he couldn't understand why he was struggling, why he couldn’t succeed in business and why no opportunities were coming his way. “There was an old man listening to us talking who asked, 'Do you have parents?' My friend said that he did. The man said to go and visit them and when you see them working you must help them. Give them a hand and once you do that you will get a blessing. That is a secret of this life.” Falle Nioke is a singer and percussionist from Guinea Conakry, West Africa. He sings in French and English, Susu, Fulani, Malinke and Coniagui, and plays a range of cultural African instruments to accompany his voice (gongoma, Bolon, Cassi). https://bit.ly/3kIptfd
09/24/2020 06:16 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

This Disclosure track features vocals from Malian artist Fatoumata Diawara. The director of the music video, Mahaneela, said in a statement: “Right now, all over the world, we’re going through an incredibly strange time. I wanted to make something that was visually beautiful, but also felt symbolic of what we’re all going through. People feel more isolated than ever and I wanted to create something joyful that really shows the power music and movement has and the connectivity it brings.” Watch the video here: https://bit.ly/2E4Ambq
09/24/2020 06:13 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Switch It Up
by Protoje feat. Koffee
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Born in 1981, Protoje is a contemporary reggae singer and songwriter from Jamaica. His mother is Jamaican singer Lorna Bennett, best known for her 1972 rendition of "Breakfast in Bed," and his father is a former calypso king from the island nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Mikayla Simpson, better known as Koffee, is a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, rapper, deejay and guitarist from Spanish Town, Jamaica. She released her debut single "Burning" in 2017, and in 2019 signed with Columbia Records. Her 2019 EP Rapture won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, making Koffee the youngest person and only woman to be awarded in the Best Reggae Album category. Currently, she is said to be working with Nick Ballis and Rihanna. https://bit.ly/35McQLZ You can enjoy the music video here: https://bit.ly/3ca6h79
09/24/2020 06:11 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Earth Wind & Fire
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This one's for listener Dane in Bellingham, who just sold his first novel. Congratulations! Using a chord progression written by Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist Al McKay, vocalist Maurice White and songwriter Allee Willis wrote the song over one month. Willis was initially bothered by the gibberish "ba-dee-ya" lyric White used through the song, and begged him to rewrite it: "I just said, 'What the fuck does 'ba-dee-ya' mean?' And he essentially said, 'Who the fuck cares?' I learned my greatest lesson ever in songwriting from him, which was never let the lyric get in the way of the groove." https://bit.ly/2G7O2mR
09/24/2020 06:04 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Body Yako
by Captain Planet feat. Kongo ...
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Charlie Wilder, aka Captain Planet, shared the context behind the album's name: "There are different layers to it. I wanted to address the idea that, while certain people are constantly trying to build walls and secure borders, separating and dividing humans, music itself cannot be contained. It always crosses those boundaries and carries culture and change with it. A visa gives you permission to travel. Music doesn’t need permission, it will travel whether you like it or not. I have always wanted to create an imagined world with my music, where different cultures and languages intermingle and mix, where diversity is celebrated and not feared. It’s idealistic, sure, but we have to envision the world we want in order to call it into existence. "On another level, there is something to be said about the fact that I am a white man from the United States and benefit from serious privilege around the world. For me, getting a visa to go almost anywhere is possible⁠—relatively easily. I’ve had my entire world view change from having the opportunity to travel globally. I believe it’s the greatest education a person can have if they are open to receiving it. But that was possible partly because of my privilege. I’m constantly aware that there is a thin line between celebrating and promoting cultures and people from around the world that I revere, and exploiting them for my own benefit, particularly as a white man. It’s not easy, but I believe that’s the way the world will change for the better." https://bit.ly/3mw1B02