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09/18/2020 04:55 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Bold As Love
by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
(42 plays) | (0 fans)

Bold as love from The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Today marks the 50th anniversary of Seattle native's passing. RIP Jimi Hendrix
09/18/2020 04:51 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Songhoy Blues
(30 plays) | (0 fans)

Songhoy Blues says of this song: 'Badala' translates to "I don’t give a sh*t / f*ck / damn," and is inspired by the youth in Mali, especially young women, who are pushing back against patriarchy & societal controls. "They are empowering themselves & taking ownership of their voices, their bodies & their futures. This song celebrates that courage, fearlessness & agency through the story of a woman ending her relationship, and choosing her own destiny." https://songhoyblues.com/
09/18/2020 04:48 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Like a Girl
by Lizzo
(12 plays) | (0 fans)

"“Woke up feelin’ like I just might run for President” is definitely a vibe these days. Lizzo isn’t the first or the only person to throw out a sentiment like this in the last week or two, but she has been the first to follow it up with a smashing song worthy of streaming through the roof. As the second track off of Lizzo’s new album, Cuz I Love You, “Like a Girl” brings up the energy of the album about 10 notches, which is saying something, because it already starts off at around an 11. Following up on the explosive orchestra of the album’s title track, “Like a Girl” propels the album from the realm of the romantic (“I’m cryin’/ ’Cause I love you”) into the world of individuality and power." https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/04/song-of-the-week-lizzo-like-a-girl/
09/18/2020 04:44 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Derek Carr
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Derek Carr is a name known by few and far between, with only a handful of vinyl releases in the early 2000s, he built a worthy reputation for putting together stunning deep techno.
09/18/2020 04:37 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
The Cure
by Oddisee
(21 plays) | (0 fans)

"ODD CURE is less an album than a humanistic hip-hop musical journal on adapting to life under the early months of the global COVID-19 pandemic." This was Bandcamp's Album of the Day - read the rest of their review here: https://daily.bandcamp.com/album-of-the-day/oddisee-odd-cure-review Get the album: https://oddisee.bandcamp.com/
09/18/2020 04:32 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Butthole Surfers
(126 plays) | (2 fans)

""Pepper" is an intense psychedelic song, harkening back to the Beatles at the height of their White Album noise, the Velvet Underground at their most incomprehensibly noisy, and to the '60s flower-child scene in general. Tricky ear-candy here includes an electric bass being played with a bow and a portion of the chorus being played backwards. There's also a stark contrast between the rapped verses in a distorted voice and the chorus opening up louder and flashier with each refrain." https://www.songfacts.com/facts/butthole-surfers/pepper
09/18/2020 04:28 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Strange Timez
by Gorillaz & Robert Smith
(5 plays) | (0 fans)

“Strange Timez” marks the latest in the Song Machine series by Gorillaz with Robert Smith. 'Song Machine, Season One' will be released on October 23rd. The album is released as part of the Gorillaz Song Machine project, a collection of singles and music videos, dubbed "episodes" each featuring previously unannounced guests, and has incorporated a wide range of genres, thus far including punk rock, bossa nova, synth-pop, electronic, and downtempo. The compilation will also include new collaborations alongside St. Vincent, Beck, Elton John, EarthGang and GoldLink. Watch the video for "Strange Timez" here: https://youtu.be/bbA5p54Rw2M Preorder available here: https://usstore.gorillaz.com/
09/18/2020 04:23 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Head Like A Hole
by Nine Inch Nails
(134 plays) | (3 fans)

This record came out in 1989. Nine Inch Nails are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees this year! Due to COVID, the actual ceremony has been cancelled, and a special will be aired on HBO on November 7th.
09/18/2020 04:19 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
(4 plays) | (0 fans)

"Introducing BRONSON, a new project from ODESZA & Golden Features. We’ve wrapped up writing a full length album, which came together across continents and time-zones. The 10-track LP features guest vocalists Gallant, lau.ra and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs." https://odesza.com/introducing-bronson/
09/18/2020 04:15 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Your Love (Déjà Vu)
by Glass Animals
(5 plays) | (0 fans)

The new track is Glass Animals' first release since 2019's "Tokyo Drifting" -- itself a continuation of the band's ongoing "Fresh Fruit" experimental series of collaborative releases with the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Denzel Curry. “I think we’ve all found ourselves in messed up relationships that make us feel sad and helpless," Bayley said in a statement. "Not necessarily something romantic -- maybe it’s with a family member or a friend. A relationship that we know on some level is going to keep breaking our hearts. We let that person back into their lives over and over again, even though it always ends the same. Maybe you don’t confront it because you hope it’ll change with time. Or because it’s easier to let it slide and never set boundaries. Maybe you think you deserve that unhappiness. Or maybe you find some strange comfort in the chaos.”
09/18/2020 04:07 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Groove Is In The Heart
by Da Lata
(34 plays) | (0 fans)

"In a dance music world fractured into sub genres and micro niches, there are two things that unite global clubbers in love and admiration: a well organised cloakroom, and Deee-Lite’s ‘Groove is in the Heart’, which celebrates its 30th birthday this year. The New York group’s classic track is infectious, euphoric, nigh-on impossible to dislike. Slice ‘Groove is in the Heart’ in two and it bleeds good vibes and rubbery, melodic funk. What makes it all the better is how utterly unlikely the song is, a work of pop art that sounds perfectly of its time and eerily prescient. ‘Groove is in the Heart’ is a patchwork quilt of influences, from funk to house, pop to jazz, that shouldn’t work together but somehow do. Its sample-delic Technicolour sound sits beautifully with the collage art of De La Soul’s 1989 album ‘3 Feet High and Rising’, but also foreshadows the cut-and-paste production puzzles that The Avalanches would make their own two decades later." Read more about the track here: https://djmag.com/longreads/how-groove-heart-captured-energy-90s-new-york-club-culture
09/18/2020 04:03 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Here Comes the Rain Again
by Eurythmics
(4 plays) | (0 fans)

The rain is back in Seattle! Time to welcome it back with the 1983 Eurythmics track "Here Comes the Rain". "Here Comes the Rain Again" is a song by British duo Eurythmics and the opening track from their third studio album Touch. It was written by group members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart and produced by Stewart.