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02/13/2020 11:59 AM
DJ: John Richards
Dog Days Are Over
by Florence + the Machine
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'In 2010, a former boss of mine introduced me to Michelle Becker. The boss described Michelle as "the best employee I've ever had," which reflected a group I was a part of. I hired Michelle, and quickly drew the same conclusion -- she is the best, hardest working, most focused on self-improvement employee I've ever had. She pushes the needle, seeking to do better, but always bringing people along for the ride. Oh, the power of positivism. Like many others in our tech marketing community, I was surprised to learn Michelle, a vibrant, youthful, mother of two young kids, is suffering from stage 4 melanoma. Like President Jimmy Carter, Michelle is fighting through this. She inspires me to recall the blessings around me -- my friends, family, community, and my ability to push my own needles, while striving to be a positive influence on those around me. For Michelle, can you please play "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine. What a song -- to kick us in the butt, and put a smile on our faces. Michelle, you have this power too." - Michelle, you can kick this! You are not alone. Jerome, thank you for your support.
02/13/2020 11:54 AM
DJ: John Richards
Sore Thumb
by We Were Promised Jetpacks
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"Let me preface this with I have listened to you guys for quite I while now. I used to live out in Tacoma and I had never heard such a great radio station. I would listen to it in the car, at work, home, everywhere. It’s incredible how the music y’all played took me somewhere in my mind, made me feel good, or just say “holy ****, who was that and how do I get a hold of that album?!” So thank y’all. I moved several times. Most recently to Florida where my agency relocated me to for better management of my cancer. I’m currently in me 3rd battle with the disease and it never gets better. But I’m glad I’m home. To the point: My first battle with cancer was in Cincinnati. After a lengthy surgery I went through radiation. I asked the nurses and techs if I could listen to my iPod while in the tube. They said yes. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and We Were Promised Jetpacks released albums around the same time and I declared those “my cancer albums”. The albums were the darkest work those bands had done so far. It was bad then. It was a cold snowy winter in Cincinnati. I only listened to those two albums and they distracted me from what was going on. The darkness of those tunes helped me. I wasn’t alone. I was the only one who was sad but somehow it helped. I’ve met both bands several times and they feel close to me. I feel like we know each other now. Sorry this has been so long winded but here I am tearing up listening to this show. Anyway. Play “sore thumb” by We Were Promised Jetpacks from the Pit of The Stomach album. Please. It’s a good cancer jam" - Keep fighting, Eric! You are not alone.
02/13/2020 11:47 AM
DJ: John Richards
Sweet Caroline
by Neil Diamond
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"My mom, Carol, died of breast cancer when I was 31 years old. She was only 61. She hid her cancer because she didn't have insurance and the ACA didn't exist. She hid her cancer until she couldn't hide it anymore and it had metastasized to her bones and liver among other sites. The doctor's gave her 6 months to live and she made it long enough to re-awaken from a coma for Christmas eve and Christmas day with her family around her. She died shortly after that new year 17 years ago. The shock of her diagnosis and her rapid decline left her remaining three children, her husband, and her extended family in a constant state of reacting to the latest emergency as we watched our best friend, mother, Aunt, and wife disappear before our very eyes. I remember how the nurses loved her acerbic humor and a sparkling charm that I hadn't seen since my brother's death years before. I also remember that I got to tell her that Elvis was popular again with the Junkie XL remix and introduce her to David Gray. She loved Prince and scoffed the Moral Majority (remember those folks?) for calling his music "dirty". She proudly wore a t-shirt emblazoned with "Immoral Minority." She is the reason my politics are so progressive (even radical) and why my taste in music is so eclectic. I am in awe and respect for those that can maintain a positive attitude and outlook during their or their loved one's disease journey. More often than not, my grief has manifested in rage and depression and the ongoing anxiety of the potential odds for cancer to find me, my siblings, my relatives and loved ones. Grief is a lifelong process, not a destination. I've learned to weave all of that experience and grief into the person that I am today and I hope that it has made me more present and empathetic to all. Some days it still feels like too much. We also lost my mother-in-law, my friend's mother, and so many others to cancer. I count among my dear friends fierce cancer survivors and I am so grateful that they are still with me to dance and sing and laugh. I count Cheryl among those fierce survivors. We are all connected in this fight in so many ways. If you can, please play either something from David Gray, Elvis Presley, or Sweet Caroline. The last we played at my mother's funeral and I can't hear it without getting choked up even now." - Sweet Caroline for you, Victoria.
02/13/2020 11:40 AM
DJ: John Richards
by Edward Sharpe & The Magneti...
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"In August my worst reality came true when my twin sister Tessa was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. She is 28 years old. Throughout the last 6 months of treatment I've seen her keep her positive attitude and persevere through the pain and discomfort. Bi-weekly I go to her treatments with her at SCCA and we sit in her treatment bed and watch Netflix and laugh together. In March she will go through surgery to remove her cancer. We are praying for a full recovery so we can put this behind us and grow our families together as we've always dreamed of doing. Music has been something that has bonded us are whole lives. She is my concert buddy. I'd like to dedicate this song to Tessa, the person who always makes me feel at home." - Elli, we will all be thinking of you and Tessa as she fights and kicks cancer and heals.
02/13/2020 11:24 AM
DJ: John Richards
by Elbow
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Guy Garvey of Elbow spoke with KEXP. In the interview, he spoke of losing his Dad to cancer, and how much family was around him, loving and supporting him at the end of his life. "Dad wore pomade in his hair. I asked him if I could give him a shave and do his hair for him just to sort of perk him up in his hospital bed. Then throughout the day, whenever his hair was out of place from rustlin' around in his bed. I would pat down my work. I would pat down his hair in the middle of a conversation about "do not resuscitate" and chemotherapy. He said to my sister, "You know what? Maybe I will have chemotherapy if it will stop Guy from touching my fucking hair (laughs)." So, he was nursed to his death in my sister's house. She's a trained nurse and her husband, too. He never lost his appetite, and he felt no pain. He was surrounded by my sisters, my brother, and all his grandchildren singing, talking, and cracking jokes. He had the most amazing farewell you could imagine. He said in these last few weeks of life that he'd never felt so loved in his whole life, which is just what you want." Read (or listen) to the full interview with Garvey here: https://www.kexp.org/read/2019/11/27/guy-garvey-elbow-giants-all-sizes-and-staying-hopeful/
02/13/2020 11:18 AM
DJ: John Richards
Mansion On The Hill
by Bruce Springsteen
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"I love hearing John and Cheryl talking together about life and friendship and celebrating theirs. I didn’t plan to write in but don’t think I can concentrate on work until I share this. There is so much I could say about cancer and its impact on my life, because it’s been nearly constant for years now – family and friends’ stories, working in clinical research for years including oncology trials. But today there is one story that won’t leave me alone. My best friend on this earth lives in NY, while I originally lived in the Boston area and since 1996 in Woodinville, WA. Jan and I lived in the same state for only 10 months of our 30+ year friendship but that didn’t prevent us from becoming family to one another. We’ve shared some truly odd life, family and other coincidences along the way, with 2012 as a banner year for it. We were each diagnosed with cancer that year; breast cancer for me, pancreatic for her. I was lucky that it was caught early via 3-D mammography (yes, I’m an advocate!). Jan was Stage IV and has had various treatments over the years; she’s just finished radiation. Yet she’s a wonder to her oncology team – and me - because she is still here with us. She’s a fierce, funny, wonderful woman and friend. Today, we have a call scheduled to catch up on her latest radiation treatments and connect with one another. That’s right, these two friends coincidentally planned a cancer check-in call on “Music Heals” day. It makes me smile. Who knows – maybe I can convince her to join me in person during Music Heals next year. I’ll work on it! My music request would have to be Bruce Springsteen. Jan and I have very different musical tastes, but she became a fan when I made her listen to one of his early albums. I’ll let you choose the song (if you have time)!" ~ Carol & Jan, happy Music Heals Day!
02/13/2020 11:05 AM
DJ: John Richards
Better Days
by Pearl Jam
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"Cancer has never run in my family. My mom was diagnose with breast cancer last spring. I am very thankful that it was caught at an early stage. It was a hard road for her to go through chemo, but myself and my siblings were there for her to attend her treatment and comfort her the best we could through the tough months that followed. My mom Rachel just completed her chemo about a month ago and is now in her treatment for radiation. I am so very proud of her for her strength and positive attitude to help get through beating this son of bitch cancer!! She's still has a ways to go, but I am thankful for love and support of the Swedish Cancer Center in Lynnwood has provided her and during her treatments. I also want to thank KEXP for this wonderful show they do every year about Cancer. My mom and I would listen to music to calm her and take her mind off things while I attended her treatments. I am a long time listener, and today really brings a lot heartfelt feelings of the sad and the good along with the hope and the strength we all feel for those with cancer, have beaten caner, and who are no longer with us because of cancer. Mom - I love you and your going to beat this! Thank you KEXP and to all the community. Can you please play for Rachel (Mom) "Better Days" by Pearl Jam" - Rachel, healing wishes going your way.