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03/15/2019 05:56 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

#6 - The Friday Song made the cut! Thanks for making us smile. We love our KEXP family so hard, and are so thankful for each and every single one of you. If you haven't already and would like to join this wonderful community of listeners (and receive all sorts of cool perks!), you only have another few minutes to call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 to make a gift before our Spring Drive 2019 is OVER!
03/15/2019 05:51 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Someone Great
by LCD Soundsystem
(445 plays) | (5 fans)

#7 - Not all songs mean something to everyone right off the bat, but sometimes the good stuff can take a while to sink in. And that's the beauty of KEXP: we play something for everyone, and sometimes people end up loving that song eventually and with more ardour than someone who might have loved it at first blush. The bottom line is we are so thankful for each and every one of our listeners. YOU are Someone Great, and you, like music, matter.
03/15/2019 05:48 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
(256 plays) | (1 fan)

#8 - We LOVE our listeners, yeah, yeah, yeah! It is only with your incredible support that we can keep doing what we do -- being here for YOU. If you haven't already, pleases Please call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 to keep us on the map for you!
03/15/2019 05:36 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Fight The Power
by Public Enemy
(189 plays) | (1 fan)

#9 - With donor support, we can continue to fight the power of corporate influence and play whatever is relevant and makes sense to our amazing listeners. Please call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 to keep us scrappy and independent!
03/15/2019 05:31 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
All My Friends
by LCD Soundsystem
(218 plays) | (2 fans)

#10 - Thanks to all our friends who so generously donate to propel our mission of love and inclusion, we've been able to bring not only local and global independent music to the airwaves, but also produce loads of podcasts, international broadcasts, and community events to serve our diverse audiences. All of this requires support from our amazing listeners, and if you're interested in joining the KEXP family, please call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 right now and find out what lovely thank-you gifts we have in store for you!
03/15/2019 05:18 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
This Year
by The Mountain Goats
(419 plays) | (2 fans)

#11 - It's never too late to join the KEXP family of donors... why not make it this year?! Please call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 right now and become one of us! Huge love to you.
03/15/2019 05:16 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

#12 - It was a winter of some discontent, but it's always warm on the KEXP airwaves! Please call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 right now and join the family. Thanks kindly!
03/15/2019 05:12 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
London Calling
by The Clash
(162 plays) | (1 fan)

#13 - Thanks to incredible listener support, we were able to both INVENT the now globally-recognized International Clash Day, as well as broadcast live from London this year! Please keep this amazing programming and content possible by calling 206-903-5397 or 1-866-9357 right now, and we'll treat you to a few nifty thank you gifts!
03/15/2019 05:08 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
A Day In The Life
by The Beatles
(101 plays) | (1 fan)

#14 - A day in the life of KEXP is chock full of listener requests, emails, texts, visits to the station, and gifts. We are nothing without support from our incredible community, and if you'd like to join us, please call 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397 and keep us in your life, and you in ours. Thanks from the bottom of our collective hearts.