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12/27/2018 07:56 AM
DJ: Evie
This Is The Day
by The The
(333 plays) | (0 fans)

This song is going out to anyone who might need a little boost this morning! Remember, you are not alone!
12/27/2018 07:48 AM
DJ: Evie
North, South, East and West
by The Church
(6 plays) | (0 fans)

The Church's breakthrough album, Starfish, helped gain this Australian band some exposure in the U.S.
12/27/2018 07:44 AM
DJ: Evie
by Beach House
(73 plays) | (0 fans)

Still daydreaming about Beach House's stunning performance about SPF30 last August. Their latest album, "7" made it to #3 on the Top 90.3 Albums of 2018. You can see all the rest here: https://www.kexp.org/countdowns/kexp-listeners-top-903-albums-2018/?t=1545919961022
12/27/2018 07:40 AM
DJ: Evie
Traveling On
by The Decemberists
(7 plays) | (0 fans)

From The Decemberists' website about their Traveling On EP: "Here we are, in the final days of the YOUR GIRL/YOUR GHOST tour, the release of our 8th record, I’ll Be Your Girl, a bare glimmer in the fogged rear-view mirror of time. Perhaps other bands would be content to rest on the laurels of another successful record released, another romp about the globe put to bed — BUT NOT THE DECEMBERISTS." http://www.decemberists.com/2018/11/15/the-decemberists-traveling-on-ep/
12/27/2018 07:32 AM
DJ: Evie
There Goes The Fear
by Doves
(254 plays) | (0 fans)

When this single was released in 2002, it was initially only available for one day, because as Jez Williams said, "We liked the fact that you could only get a hold of a certain amount of this or a certain amount of that. Especially in this day and age of readily available bits of music, it's kind of nice: a physical copy that's precious to you because you managed to get to the shop that day and actually own that."
12/27/2018 07:29 AM
DJ: Evie
Bite The Hand
by boygenius
(42 plays) | (0 fans)

The EP from the supergroup comprised of Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers made it into many DJ and listener Top Albums of 2018.
12/27/2018 07:25 AM
DJ: Evie
You Said Something
by PJ Harvey
(221 plays) | (1 fan)

PJ Harvey had this to say about "Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea", "It's very different musically to the first couple of albums. It's very melodic, and it's much rounder and fuller. The earlier albums were very black and white in some sense, very extreme. Melodically, this is much more sophisticated than those records. It kind of feels like a combination of every album I've made so far rolled into one."
12/27/2018 07:21 AM
DJ: Evie
New Compassion
(32 plays) | (0 fans)

The sophomore album by Haerts was just released on October 5th!
12/27/2018 07:16 AM
DJ: Evie
by Wye Oak
(4 plays) | (0 fans)

Wye Oak just recorded an in-studio with us in July. Here's the full performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8oVhm9K4lg
12/27/2018 07:12 AM
DJ: Evie
All Disco
by Elbow
(17 plays) | (0 fans)

This song was inspired by a conversation between Elbow's frontman Guy Garvey, and Black Francis of The Pixies, who told Garvey, "You have punk rock, you have rock, you have blues, you have soul, it’s all disco.”
12/27/2018 07:09 AM
DJ: Evie
by Deerhunter
(31 plays) | (0 fans)

Deerhunter's second single off their upcoming eighth album, "Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?" out on January 18th.
12/27/2018 07:06 AM
DJ: Evie
Cherry Coloured Funk
by Cocteau Twins
(52 plays) | (0 fans)