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06/15/2018 05:57 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
World In Motion
by New Order
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06/15/2018 05:52 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by The Cramps
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From the first album by the Cramps. It was released in May 1980 on I.R.S. Records in America and Illegal Records in England. https://bit.ly/2My2G5A
06/15/2018 05:49 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
9th vs. Thought
by Black Thought
(27 plays) | (0 fans)

Tariq Luqmaan Trotter (born October 3, 1971), better known as Black Thought, is an American rapper and the lead MC of the Philadelphia-based hip hop group The Roots, as well as an occasional actor. Black Thought, who co-founded The Roots with drummer Questlove (Ahmir Thompson), is widely lauded for his live performance skills, continuous multisyllabic rhyme schemes, complex lyricism, double entendres, and politically aware lyrics. https://bit.ly/2JYsHwc
06/15/2018 05:44 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Sugah Daddy
by D'Angelo And The Vanguard
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06/15/2018 05:37 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Ça Plane Pour Moi
by Plastic Bertrand
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"Ça plane pour moi" is a French idiomatic expression which is best translated as "everything's going well for me" (literally: "it is gliding for me"), and a 1977 song by Plastic Bertrand. The music was composed by Lou Deprijck. Yvan Lacomblez wrote the lyrics. Despite being credited to Plastic Bertrand, the vocals were actually performed by the record's producer Lou Deprijck. "Jet Boy, Jet Girl", an adaptation recorded in November 1977 by Elton Motello, has the same backing track. The song was covered by many artists, though Plastic Bertrand's original recording was the most successful, reaching No. 8 on the UK charts in the summer of 1978. While mainly regarded as a punk song, "Ça plane pour moi" has also been described as parody punk and as new wave. https://bit.ly/2MwaqoA
06/15/2018 05:33 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Static Resistance
by Hookworms
(5 plays) | (0 fans)

Check out the official video for the song here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TALpcCFupmw
06/15/2018 05:31 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Lithics
(15 plays) | (0 fans)

Mating Surfaces is the second full length from Portland, Oregon's Lithics. Twelve tightly wound fragments of brittle abstract twin guitar, impellent rhythm, and absurd, imagistic lyricism. "A stern danceable sound that summons cut up snapshots of Su Tissue and Mark E Smith, an imagined landscape where Captain Beefheart hits that 99 Records “Too Many Creeps” beat."--Layla Gibbon (Maximum Rocknroll, Skinned Teen)
06/15/2018 05:26 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Rage Against the Machine
(25 plays) | (1 fan)

The video for this track, directed by Peter Christopherson, is focused on the case for Leonard Peltier, who was one of the leaders of the American Indian Movement (AIM). The band is performing live in a small venue throughout the video. During the video, footage from the Peltier case is examined and detailed with shots of Peltier and other members of AIM. There is also a reenactment of what took place on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The footage of this reenactment is from Michael Apted's 1992 documentary Incident at Oglala. During most of the video quotes from Sitting Bull and general AIM information taken from Peter Matthiessen's 1983 study of the Peltier case, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, scrolls along the bottom of the screen. The video ends with a picture of Peltier in prison and the phrase "justice has not been done". https://bit.ly/1DwswQR
06/15/2018 05:22 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Love Buzz
by Nirvana
(193 plays) | (1 fan)

Celebrating the 29th anniversary of the release of Bleach. After the release of its debut single "Love Buzz" on Sub Pop in November 1988, Nirvana practiced for two to three weeks in preparation for recording a full-length album, even though Sub Pop had only requested an EP. The main sessions for Bleach took place at Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle, with local producer Jack Endino. Endino billed the band thirty hours of recording at $606.07. These funds were supplied by Jason Everman, a guitarist who was impressed by a Nirvana demo he had heard. Everman temporarily joined the group on guitars and is credited as such on the album, even though he didn’t actually perform on any of the songs. Krist Novoselic explained “We just wanted to make him feel at home in the band.”
06/15/2018 05:19 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Waxahatchee
(73 plays) | (0 fans)

Katie Crutchfield’s southern roots are undeniable. The name of her solo musical project Waxahatchee comes from a creek not far from her childhood home in Alabama and seems to represent both where she came from and where she’s going. Explore more from this album here: https://waxahatchee.bandcamp.com/album/out-in-the-storm
06/15/2018 05:16 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Truth Hurts
by Lizzo
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Check out the video for Lizzo's track here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P00HMxdsVZI
06/15/2018 05:14 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Brown Recluse
by Guayaba
(11 plays) | (0 fans)

Performing at KEXP's Gathering Space on June 23 and the Mercer x Summit Block Party on August 18!
06/15/2018 05:07 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
5 out of 6
by Dessa
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06/15/2018 05:03 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Baby Only You & I
by Eeenie Meenie
(3 plays) | (0 fans)

Explore more from Anemone's album here: https://anemonelovesyou.bandcamp.com/