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07/02/2022 04:28 AM
DJ: Greta Rose
Lazy Bones
by Witch
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A pioneering group from the nation of Zambia, Witch (the name was an acronym, standing for We Intend To Cause Havoc) were one of the defining acts of Zamrock, a fusion of Western rock and rhythm & blues with traditional African sounds; they were among Zambia's most popular and influential bands in the 1970s as a wave of psychedelic and hard rock gained an audience in Africa. https://www.allmusic.com/artist/witch-mn0002380536/biography Documentary Link: Vinyl Me Please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwzeqPFLWL0&ab_channel=VinylMe%2CPlease Bandsplaining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czrPRJehmdA&ab_channel=Bandsplaining
07/02/2022 04:25 AM
DJ: Greta Rose

NEW MUSIC!!! From Sampa the Great's forthcoming release 'As Above So Below' - due out September 9! In a press release, Sampa described ‘Never Forget’ as “an ode to Zamrock music, a genre born in the ’70s combining traditional Zambian music and psychedelic rock”. More specifically, the song was inspired by music focused on the kalindula, a traditional style of bass guitar that features prominently on ‘Never Forget’. Sampa continued: “This tribute was inspired by the band WITCH and their lead singer, Mr Jagari Chanda, who has become one of my musical mentors. I discovered Zamrock later in my life and was surprised that this music was known globally, yet not fully celebrated and acknowledged in Zambia today. Playing the Day In, Day Out Festival at Seattle Center on Friday, August 12th. More info, tour dates, and music: https://sampathegreat.com/ https://www.dayindayoutfest.com
07/02/2022 04:20 AM
DJ: Greta Rose
My Baby Don't
by The Shivas
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07/02/2022 04:16 AM
DJ: Greta Rose
Berlin Got Blurry
by Parquet Courts
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Watch Parquet Courts' KEXP Live in Studio Session from 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF1WRB9zRAM.
07/02/2022 04:13 AM
DJ: Greta Rose
Dancing With Myself
by Generation X
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The inspiration for the song occurred during a tour of Japan mid-1979, when Billy Idol and bassist Tony James were struck by the sight of the young crowd in a Tokyo disco club dancing with their own reflections in walled mirrors rather than with one another. This song is about more than just dancing. Idol told Rolling Stone: "The song really is about people being in a disenfranchised world where they're left bereft, dancing with their own reflections." https://bit.ly/3IKr7tb
07/02/2022 04:09 AM
DJ: Greta Rose
Lost In The Supermarket
by The Clash
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Were they stoned and starving too? 1979!
07/02/2022 04:01 AM
DJ: Greta Rose
by Röyksopp & Alison Goldfrapp
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“Impossible" features vocals from Goldfrapp’s Alison Goldfrapp. See the quite interesting official visualizer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljnxZypkjn0