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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a member of KEXP?

Yes, I am a 500 club member.

Why did you build this site?

I love KEXP and listen to it pretty much all day every day. Over time, when I heard a song I liked, I developed a system of looking up the song on the real-time playlist and copy/pasting the artist/album/song info into an ongoing draft email.

My system worked okay when sitting at my computer, but I also found that I would hear songs when I was listening in the car, but then would have to remember the date/time and remember to pull up the real-time playlist when I got home to figure out who it was.

So I built this site to solve both of those problems. When I hear a song I like during the day, I flip over to KEXPlorer.com and tag it.
When I'm in the car and hear a song I like I pull out my phone, send a text message to KEXPlorer.com -- the song is auto-tagged as both sms and new, and I get a quick response telling me the artist/song that I like.

How do I use the mobile service?

  1. Determine your cellphone's email address. Send yourself an email from your phone (I use gmail so I would send an email to my gmail account). Look at the from email address, this is your cellphone's email address.
  2. Edit your account, setting the Mobile Number field in your profile to your cellphone's email address.
  3. Send an email from your cellphone to sms at KEXPlorer.com. You should receive a response within a minute or so, telling you the name of the current artist/song that is playing on KEXP. This song will also be auto-tagged as both sms and new and can be seen on your profile page.
  4. Enjoy!

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