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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a member of KEXP?

Yes, I am a 500 club member.

Why did you build this site?

It was 2006, nobody had a smartphone yet. When I heard a song on KEXP that I liked, I had to go lookup the song on the real-time playlist and then copy/paste the artist/album/song info into an ongoing draft email, or write it on a sticky note. It was the only way to save songs you liked.

My system worked okay when sitting at my computer, but I also found that I would hear songs when I was listening in the car, but would then have to remember the date/time and remember to pull up the real-time playlist when I got home to figure out who it was.

So I built this site to solve both of those problems. When I hear a song I like during the day, I flip over to KEXPlorer.com and tag it.
When I'm in the car and hear a song I like I pull out my phone, open KEXPlorer.com, and tag it.

Since then, when friends ask me what new music I'm into, I now just pull up my profile on KEXPlorer.com and show them. The intention was to also create an online community out of KEXP's so-called community.

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