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Economic Update

by Richard Wolff

First Played: 02/07/2016 06:00 AM
Last Played: 12/23/2018 06:00 AM
Total Plays: 75


CEO Pay, Fight for $15, Workers who get public assistance 2 plays
Iowa Results, Oil Markets 1 play
Drug Prices 1 play
Growth Prospects, Michael Bloomberg, Negative Interest Rates 1 play
Negative Interest Rates 1 play
Choosing Your Struggles: Updates on the FED decision, struggles over China trade and Brexit, and fas 1 play
How Capitalism Changes Intimacy and Family 1 play
China's rising wages, lethal overdoses and economic crisis, courts worsen Puerto Rico's crisis, movi 1 play
Panama Papers 1 play
IMF, Panama Papers and tax evasion, workers fighting back 1 play
Slow U.S. economy, money drives Yale, Chobani workers get profits, more car corps scandal, and Chris 1 play
"carry interest tax loophole", Miami's Marlin Park and state subsidies for business, negative intere 1 play
Alabama Convicts Strike Against Slavery 1 play
Car companies buying ride-share companies, Pope's latest, evidence against Prof. Krugman's rosy view 1 play
Zika Virus Economics 1 play
Superiority of Worker Coops Over Capitalist Enterprises 1 play
Updates onf Victories Over US Sugar Industry and Reducing Sweden's 40-Hour Workweek to 30 Hours with 1 play
Minimum Wage Raises 1 play
Convention Economics 1 play
US Public Pension Economics 1 play
Macy's Closing 141 Stores 1 play
Olympic Economics 1 play
Dark Money, Mylan Drug Scandal 1 play
British Wages and Brexit 1 play
Strike of Harvard Workers 1 play
Trump Explained 1 play
Small Fines for Big Corporations 1 play
NFL's Income Redistribution 1 play
FED and Interest Rates 1 play
Trump's Job Fantasies 1 play
Injustice of U.S. Property Tax System 1 play
Cuomo's Flawed Tuition Plan 1 play
Trump's Attack on Sanctuary Cities 1 play
Australian Government Taxes Big Banks 1 play
Trump's 2018 Budget 1 play
California and Nevada Steps Toward Universal Medical Insurance 1 play
Declining Cal State University System 1 play
Misleading Debate Over Raising Minimum Wages and Losing Jobs 1 play
China's Rapid Economic Growth 1 play
New Museum Features Artists Challenging Capitalism 1 play
Deepening Scandals of German Car Corporations 1 play
U.S. Working Conditions 2017 1 play
Capitalism and Hurricanes 1 play
Closing 6,400 Retail Stores in 2017 1 play
Economic Costs/Benefits of Refugees 1 play
Privatized Probation, New Zealand Rejects Austerity 1 play
Uber 1 play
Tax Reform 1 play
Other Countries Undercut U.S. Tax Changes 1 play
Inequality in the United States 1 play
Review of 2017 1 play
Discrimination in the Workplace 1 play
Corporate Tax Breaks 1 play
Capitalist Fishing Industry Self-Destructs 1 play
Deregulation and Risky Bank Lending 1 play
How Globalization Worsened Inequality 1 play
NRA Economics 1 play
Major U.S. Corporations with Negative Tax Rates 1 play
University of California workers' strikes 1 play
Decline of Cities/Private Cities 1 play
China's Life Expectancy 1 play
Exploding Suicide Rate in the US 1 play
Left Victory in Mexico's Election 1 play
Trump's Tariffs Cost Americans Jobs 1 play
Europe's Higher Labor Force Participation 1 play
Poverty in California 1 play
New Approach to Labor Day 1 play
Keynesian vs. Marxian and Neoclassical Economics 1 play
Chicago Hotel Workers Strike and Philadelphia Parking Lot Attendants Organizing 1 play
JP Morgan Predicts Next Financial Collapse 1 play
Record Funds Pouring into US Midterm Elections 1 play
Profits-vs-Science and Weedkiller "Roundup" 1 play
Economic Impact of the Defeat of the Left after World War II 1 play
LA Vote on Public Bank 1 play
Iowa Results 0 plays
Grow Prospects, Michael Bloomberg, Negative Interest Rates 0 plays
IMF, Panama Papaers and tax evasionw, workers fighting back 0 plays
Net Neutrality 0 plays

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